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Unfortunately, many people think "serving G0d" is submitting to an egomaniacal deity who dwells in heaven and demands, "You must serve me! Obey my commandments and do them with a smile! Or else I will punish you." In actuality, to serve G0d means to experience complete connection to the source of all life and channel divine presence into the world. Serving G0d is like the dance serving the dancer, the song serving the singer, the speech serving the speaker.

If G0d were the sun each of us would be a ray of His divine light. The goal of the spiritual disciplines of daily Torah (Bible) life — study, prayer, meditation, and the performance of mitzvas (religious duties; plural for mitzvah), is to serve G0d and, thereby, become one with our true essence. Through these practices we experience our self an aspect and individualized expression of the Timeless Universal Self — G0d.

The goal of Judaism — whether it be Torah learning, meditation, prayer, or living the mitzvas — is to release the soul from its exile —to empower us to free ourselves from the chains that bind us to transience and mortality. We need to reclaim our self —our individual "I" and redirect it to its source, the "Ultimate I." When we do this, we experience the mystical meaning of the first commandment heard at Mt. Sinai 3,500 years ago: "I am" is G0d your Lord, who took you out of Egypt." This is the true path to personal empowerment, spiritual liberation, inner peace and fulfillment.

Judaism refers to G0d as the "Rock of our Lives." In other words, we are truly strong and stable only when we anchor and ground ourselves within G0d — who is the bedrock of all consciousness. Judaism also teaches us that we are each created in the image of the divine and that our goal is service. In other words, that each and every one of us is an individualized expression of G0d and serve as unique channels for His presence into this world. This is our purpose and our ultimate joy.

(Rabbi David Aaron)


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